SMART BUILDING EXPO 2019: a Success Story


SMART BUILDING EXPO 2019 took place from 13 to 15 November 2019 and has passed the always risky test of being edition no. 2, as the promises of the first show needed to be reaffirmed with unquestionable data and long-term prospects. That is what happened with this past edition—its results are certain. SMART BUILDING EXPO was launched to be and actually is the reference show for ever-expanding industries such as digital infrastructure, IoT, telecommunications, home automation, energy efficiency, and professional audio video applications. Those perfectly combine with security and its leading event in Italy and Europe, SICUREZZA, which was held at the same time.


Let the Data Speak for Itself

The three days of SMART BUILDING EXPO and SICUREZZA were enlivened by as many as 619 international exhibitors (with a growth of 30% compared to the first edition), global telecommunications operators, and distinctive Italian hi-tech companies and start-ups with a dynamic innovative force. That winning mix attracted , with an increase of 12% compared to the previous edition.


Completing the Chain

Completing the chain is also testament to the success of SMART BUILDING EXPO 2019, with the top telecommunications companies at the show for the first time. That is an important plus, because quality and inclusive connectivity is a prerequisite for today’s conversation about smart cities and smart buildings.

Mr Luca Baldin, Project Manager of Smart Building Expo

Video by Securindex

SMART BUILDING EXPO and Milan: A Deep Rapport

Together, the city of Milan and SMART BUILDING EXPO are a winning combo. An innovation-focused show for the home and building industry can only be hosted in the ultimate Italian smart city, which is the hub of the metropolitan region where most of the national and international tech companies are. The pairing between the show and its host city is no coincidence and it is key to the event’s success. The many partnerships established with government and business players and especially with SICUREZZA helped, too.

An Education-Targeted Show and Forum

Milano Smart City Conference: An Event Within the Event

A Winning Team with Comoli Ferrari

SMART BUILDING EXPO is the first Italian show to break the conventional division between trade shows and product shows, and that is thanks to the views shared with Comoli Ferrari, the Italian leading distributor of electronic equipment. The partnership has resulted in a massive engagement of technicians and has included product training course within the spaces of the Forum Comoli Ferrari.

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