The Italian exhibition for system integration UK

23-24-25 November 2021
Fiera Milano, Rho – Italy

Integration and Innovation will be the key words of the event, but they are also the two fundamental concepts for capturing the present and the future of increasingly more automated, connected, multitasking homes and new workplaces and cities where the fourth industrial revolution, that of artificial intelligence combined with energy efficiency, is extending its pervasive effects.

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SMART BUILDING EXPO 2019 success story

Integration and Innovation

Smart and green

At SMART BUILDING EXPO it will be possible to understand how the concepts of smart and green are two sides of the same coin. How integrated technologies can give us a concrete help to hook that “green new deal” that has become the strategic objective of the whole of Europe and a fundamental piece of the economy of the future.

The event of a professional community

SMART BUILDING EXPO is the culmination of a dense activity of information, training, business communication and technical culture that are the essence of a true professional community, made up of companies, professionals, researchers. It is a moment of encounter but also of professional updating and knowledge of the fundamentals of a rapidly evolving market. For this reason, SMART BUILDING EXPO has always relied on the best research and competence centres to develop a high profile training programme.

Home and building automation technologies

Talking about system integration in a still “vertical” perspective makes little sense. For this reason, SMART BUILDING EXPO stands out as a markedly “horizontal” trade fair, with the concept of intelligent buildings and cities at its centre and as the only one discriminating against innovation. Connectivity, sensors and actuators, systems and technologies and control and management platforms are the cornerstones of an event like SMART BUILDING EXPO.


Milano Smart City Conference

If buildings are increasingly interconnected, it was natural to pay attention to the privileged context in which this new form of “dialogue” takes place: the city. In 2019 we joined SMART BUILDIG EXPO together for the first time with Milano Smart City Conference. In 2021, after the great Coronavirus pandemic, the theme was almost obligatory, and will be a luncheon on “technologies and services for urban resilience”.

Startup Area

SMART BUILDING EXPO’s vocation for innovation could not fail to pay particular attention to the world of startups and innovative SMEs, the true heart of a sector in rapid technological evolution. In the startup area you can meet the new ideas that will shape the future.

The Fair experience becomes “Phygital”

If we are almost obliged to be there after all this time, after having seen each other only through a computer monitor, the situation of emergency has taught us that digital is a precious resource, able to multiply the success and the fallout of an event. This is why SMART BUILDING EXPO 2021 will for the first time also be online, through an innovative B2B matching platform, able to enlarge the visitor pool, but also to extend the business opportunities of companies well beyond the three days of the event.