The event 2021


The event of a professional community

From November 22 to 24, 2021 SMART BUILDING EXPO returns to Milan after the successful 2019 edition. Only two years have passed, but the scenario seems completely changed, to the point that SMART BUILDING EXPO is the ideal place to understand how technology can help us make our places of life and work truly resilient.

Integration and Innovation
are the keywords of the event

Smart and green

At SMART BUILDING EXPO it will be possible to understand how the concepts of smart and green are two sides of the same coin. How integrated technologies can give us a concrete help to engage in the “green new deal” that has become the strategic goal of Europe and a key piece of the economy of the future.

A professional community

SMART BUILDING EXPO proposes a dense activity of information, training, business communication and technical culture that are the essence of a true professional community, made of companies, professionals, researchers. It always relies on the best research centers and expertise, to develop a training program of the highest profile.


A horizontal approach to home and building automation technologies. SMART BUILDING EXPO stands as a markedly “horizontal” exhibition, with the concept of building, smart cities and innovation at the center. Connectivity, sensors and actuators, systems and technologies, control and management platforms are the cornerstones of an event like SMART BUILDING EXPO.

The Italian fair for home and building automation
and system integration

Areas of interest



A leading event in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, SICUREZZA 2021 is a showcase of news and tools for meeting and comparison for all operators of security and fire-fighting technologies. From 22 to 24 November 2021 at the Fiera in Milan, Rho simultaneously with SMART BUILDING EXPO. Discover