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The spaces where we live and where we work, brought together in the concept of smart cities, are already the key focus of innovation and technology for Industry 4.0, and this is only going to increase in the near future. The process of urban drift means that the buildings that make up our towns and cities are the ideal setting for seeing how technology can transform people’s lives. Energy efficiency, sustainability, connectivity, IoT, integration and new forms of entertainment – these are the key words at the Smart Building Expo.


A smart city is one that strives towards sustainability and efficiency through the use of technology. The goal of Smart Building Expo is to present technologies and applications designed to solve problems in the urban environment. Technology is changing the quality of life in cities through the use of high speed connectivity, sensors, platforms for big data analytics and their use, smart lighting, mobility and logistics management – these are just some of the areas that will be represented at the Smart Building Expo.

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Energy efficiency and the self-production of energy are key to sustainability and moving away from the use of fossil fuels. Smart systems for building management, combined with photovoltaics, storage systems and smart lighting, are the key to progress in this field. Thanks to this growing trend, in 2018 Italy recorded 437 MW of connected power, with annual growth of 7%. As part of the Smart Building Expo, there will be the chance to see how the entire production line is a key part of the strategy for innovation, looking at how it can be integrated into the growing infrastructure of e-mobility.

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Today, home and building automation is the new frontier for system integration. Far from the outdated concept of simple “domotics”, this is about smart buildings and Industry 4.0 – integrating widespread connectivity and the Internet of Things. In homes, the comfort of living spaces combines perfectly with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, whereas in the workplace we are also looking at a dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity. Home and building automation is at the heart of Smart Building Expo.

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The explosion in the use of video and audio content is one of the biggest trends in recent years. From being a form of home entertainment, the world of video is now invading public places and shops as a tool for sharing content and creating new business models. Smart Building Expo is the first Italian exhibition to focus on this phenomenon and provide industry experts with coverage of this sector and the tools to delve deeper into this topic.

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BIM, BMS and BEMS are the present and future of design, whose strength lies in the integration of competences and whose natural output relates to predictive maintenance. For companies that actively operate in the field of advanced systems, as well as for designers, this is a core strategic issue. Smart Building Expo aims to act as a meeting ground for the growing supply of tools provided by IT companies and growing demand by professionals and businesses.

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Smart Building Expo is, by definition, an exhibition for technological innovation. As such, there is also a focus on the world of startups and business incubators, the frontiers between new ideas and new businesses. This is why, at Smart Building Expo, innovative startups can benefit from a special offer to get themselves known and meet the all-important investors who can unlock the growth and development of great ideas.

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