Renewables Area:
From self-generation to energy storage in smart buildings

The European Community’s “Renovation wave strategy,” published in 2020, sets the goal of promoting Europe-wide renovations of existing buildings, stimulating the transition to greener buildings and the creation of new jobs; it also aligns the sector’s goals with the more general decarbonization goals already in place at the community level.

With this measure and those that have followed in the last two years, the European Union and with it the countries that are part of it, such as Italy, have set themselves some challenging goals, with two pre-established deadlines of 2030 and 2050, which envisage at the end of the path the general “revamping” of the national building stock and carbon neutrality.

Smart Building Expo has always paid attention to the concept of Digital Energy, i.e., the energy management of a building and an urban area, with the 2023 edition this attention is naturally extended to the product sector of energy production from renewable sources to which a specific area and a dedicated training program will be dedicated.

In full coherence with the fair’s mission, the area will focus attention on all those technologies and systems aimed at making a building carbon neutral, through self-production and self-consumption of electricity, in autonomous or collective mode, with a careful look at urban dynamics and the integration of different systems.

Industry scopes

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